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We are in the business of providing solutions for the aggregate industry. Big or small, whatever the application, we can design and supply the solution. Using stationary or portable equipment, each piece is designed and built around the customer's specific needs. Our professional design team here at Valley Equipment takes into consideration the problems that are encountered with different types of material sources. Not all crushers operate efficiently within every application. Crushing and screening applications can vary from site to site and the equipment needed may also vary accordingly. The design team considers items such as wear cost problems that may be associated with specific material sources or environment challenges that may alter the material source. The wrong machine in the wrong application can be very costly to a customer. We know and understands the importance of supplying the right machine in the right application. We understand that within a crushing or screening system, balance is critical. Equipment should be sized to be appropriate and complimentary to other pieces that are within that crushing or screening system. We understand this concept and the customer's concern for maximum output for the most cost effective crushing or screening system. Customer satisfaction is #1; our success comes from our customers' satisfaction.

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